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Dr. U Chio Ieong
Non-Executive Director

Dr. U has been a Non-executive Director of the Company since September 2018. He is a well-rounded businessman and philanthropist with a wealth of experience and connections in various fields. Dr. U has held management positions in a number of private companies in China, Hong Kong and Macau, in which he has shareholding interests. These companies are mainly engaged in real estate, graphene mining, food and beverage, hotels, finance, travel, rosewood furniture and crafts.

Dr. U is a keen supporter of community services and serves as the Standing Member of Fujian Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, the Deputy Chairman of the International Society of Fuqing Clansmen, Permanent Honorary Chairman of the Macau Society of Fuqing Clansmen, the first Director of the Fujian Province Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation, the second Deputy Chairman of Fujian Overseas Chinese Enterprise Development Foundation, Honorary Deputy Chairman of Fujian Women and Children’s Development Foundation, Executive Vice President of Fuzhou Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Deputy Chairman of Yongtai County Charity Federation, and Fuqing City Overseas Friendship Association. Dr. U was a member of the Fuzhou Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Fujian Province, China.

Dr. U is also the Founding Chairman of Benevolence International Charity Association. He was granted the 15th “World Outstanding Chinese Award” by World Chinese Business Investment Foundation. In 2017, Dr. U was granted an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Business Administration by Sabi University, which is an accredited international private university located in Paris, France.